Five Steps to a graceful, Spiritual Journey


The spiritual path is beautiful, ugly, deep and usually all at once. It is full of elusive aspirations, emotional dramas, transcendent happiness and everything in between – and frankly, it can sometimes feel like living in hell a terrifying, or in an immaculate sky, or at other times just annoying and unnecessary.

Learn the hard way

Looking back at my younger, I would like to know what I know now. It was so liberating to be able to give me some words of support and advice on the greatest journey of my life.At that time, I had no idea what was ahead (even though I had expectations and projections outrageous, the kind that come from the fearlessness of a young person).And, like most people, I stumbled through life, fall, get up and learning about the life of “hard”.

The reason I am writing this is to share some experiences of my own 13 years of spiritual development and education, in the hope that your trip can be as easy, enjoyable and smooth as possible. It was wonderful to go back and see me during these years and giving me this article … I wonder how I would react – or even if I would have listened or understood?

Of course, none of us can go back to guide ourselves younger, and I was destined to learn how I did it so I know what I’m doing now. 


It is my heart felt for you can learn from my “evil-takes” and experiences to enjoy every moment along your unique journey you open new doors for a more magical life. I honor and deeply respect you – whoever you are and wherever you are.
What I am about to share with you is a condensed version of a massively epic experience of spiritual evolution (the one I’m still trying to, by the way), and I did my bestto highlight some of the main points. It is by no means a comprehensive account of the trip – I hope you enjoy it and take away some of the lessons that have been invaluable to me.
All roads lead to the same place …

Having dealt with many people and seen struggling with some of the same problems in their lives that I have, I’ve learned to appreciate that in many respects we are all alike.We will discover many things themselves along our travels, no matter where we start.  It is intresting for you to know about the best spiritual retreats on this website .

This is good news! This means that we are not alone and we can learn from the experiences of each other. If we can accept a few simple truths about ourselves, life, and limitations of the ego, we can make significant spiritual progress in a short period of time.

On the other hand, I have seen so many people (myself included) make the trip infinitely more difficult than is necessary due to not knowing the process, they are likely to spend.Face it, blind walking badly. Why make things more difficult than we need? Once we know the process, we can relax and enjoy the ride. How do you feel?

Simple Steps to Spiritual Growth


Despite our similarities, each of us is guaranteed to have our own unique experience and travel, because we are unique individuals. But within this variety, I found there are five main stages or chapters we are very likely to meet somewhere along the way.Knowing these five steps, we reserve the lot of useless struggle – and, moreover, if we can address these steps in the order mentioned here, we are likely to evolve rapidly and with greater ease.